Going Vintage with American Gangster Posters

It’s easy enough to get captivated by movie posters whether it’s designed for a romantic flick or an action-packed adventure or in this case, a dark biographical crime motion picture about gangster Frank Lucas.

Movie posters are carefully designed to compel people to watch the movie, and therefore, it jumps out to you, increasing hype and invoking strong emotions. American Gangster is one such example. The movie itself is packed with all the right elements that make for a good watch. The poster is no different.

This specific American Gangster movie poster is perfect for vintage interior design. It features Denzel Washington in the titular role of Frank Lucas and Russell Crowe as Det. Roberts. On the lower portion of the poster is Frank Lucas’ gangster group. What’s eye-catching about this movie poster is its vintage setting – from the clothing to the hairstyle and the quality of the paper.

If you’re designing the interior of your home or doing a renovation project, the American Gangster movie poster would make for a great wall art. To start off, here are some design insights you can take inspiration from:

  • Make an impact – vintage posters have a story of its own to tell, make sure that it evokes that impact! Shine that spotlight on your American Gangster movie, by making it the centerpiece of a room. It should be sensational, captivating, and the center of attention.
  • Keep it simple –because vintage posters are already a sight on its own, do not overcrowd it. Keep other wall decors simple or hang the movie poster in a wall with colour that does not overwhelm the artwork. Or, if you’re designing that whole vintage theme, choose color tones with vintage hues, but do not look drab. The key here is to let the poster itself shine!
  • Choose the right frame – the frame of your movie poster has a huge impact on its aesthetics. Clean-looking and sleek metal frames or natural wood frames are the best option. While there are also vintage-themed frames you can go with, make sure that it does not take the attention away from your movie poster.

A splash of vintage in the form of movie posters like the American Gangster one helps your interior design stand out, making all the difference between mediocre design and classic beauty. With the growing rage of this trend, there are numerous designs of vintage posters available to buy online. To ensure that the poster captures the charm and beauty of the vintage concept, choose high quality posters always.

Vintage posters tell a story of their own, weaving magic and pulling you into it. It has its own story to tell! Make sure to add a vintage touch to your home now!